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5 Surefire Ways I Will Help You Squeeze More Profits From Your Business

  1. Higher response rates come from the lists you use. The “List Insights Report” helps you find the best lists – simply fill in this form to order this report for one of your upcoming direct mail promotions using rental lists. Your List Insights Report will contain three suggested lists for your promotion – and if I cannot provide you with three solid options, the $297 fee will be refunded appropriately. Delivery time for this service is 10 business days.
  1. Dramatically improve the profitability of your customer mailings by discovering how segmentation leads to laser-targeted mailings that yield more profits.  Fill in this form to receive a no-charge, no-obligation quote.
  1. Enjoy a “second opinion” on your current direct mail promotion. I will personally review the whole package and provide detailed recommendations for improvement.  The affordable $497 fee also includes a 30-minute telephone conversation with me, to discuss the recommendations before testing them in your next mailing. Click here to get started.
  1. Not using Postal Mail? Click here to inquire about how others in your industry or profession specialty are using postal mail to promote their business.
  1. Personalized One-on-One Consulting: Use this form and tell me about your most troublesome direct response problem. After reviewing all the details you’ve provided and mulling over the options, if I feel I can help, we will connect on Skype or by phone for 20 minutes… If I can’t help you I’ll tell you and your cost is $0. (I will promptly refund the deposit you paid.
  2. But, if I can help, $297 is a small price to pay for the peace of mind you’ll have, KNOWING your direct response package is the very best it can be… or KNOWING what needs to be done to fix it… BEFORE you mail it!