90 minutes to profitable postal mail

As its name states, 90 Minutes to Profitable Postal Mail offers much needed learning for anyone who is unfamiliar with direct mail marketing.

The program quickly teaches the "basics" of direct response marketing and provides a process map that students can use in their own projects.

Perhaps more important, since a single postal mail campaign that may easily cost $2,000, $3,000, $5,000 or more, 90 Minutes exposes the pitfalls that be disastrous to your campaign and its financial performance.

90 Minutes to Profitable Postal Mail is delivered as an interactive, fun webinar. As a participant you will receive a copy of the course material in advance -- so on the day of the training, you can concentrate on learning the material... absorbing all the detail... understanding the whole process.

You do not waste time or lose concentration by being forced to make lots of notes.

Essentially, 90 Minutes to Profitable Postal Mail is specialized training... delivered quickly... and which will help anyone become a confident direct marketer. It is insurance against disaster that could prove to be profoundly embarrassing or even career-limiting.

Simply, 90 Minutes to Profitable Postal Mail helps you win -- with better campaigns, more confidence -- and gives you knowledge and insights that dramatically increases your value in the world of business. All for a paltry $297USD per seat.

If you have any questions about the program, please e-mail us or call 416-253-1224. Thank you.

What you will learn...

- Why postal mail may be an important addition to your marketing mix (even with the popularity of e-mail) 

- How to segment your own customer or prospect lists to supercharge the success of your campaigns

- How to rent lists -- including a full "process map" you can use to save time and money with list rental brokers or mailing list owners

- How to pick the correct format -- envelope mailing, postcard, "lumpy" package or other -- for your campaign

- Understanding "offers" and deciding which offers to test in your campaign

- "10 Minutes to Better Copy" is included in the program

- How to keep your project on track -- especially where there are so many things that can derail it

- The role of testing, even in your first campaign

- How to evaluate the success of your campaign

- And, much, much more!

Who should sign-up...

Anyone tasked with running a postal mail promotion, whether for their own business or for an employer or client, and who is not sure where to start.